"Ametrin FK" LLC is a reliable partner for supplying wide range of certified medicines to pharmacies and medical institutions all over Ukraine.
Pharmacovigilance or monitoring the safety of medicines - these is complex of actions aimed at identifying, evaluating and preventing unwanted reactions or any other possible problems associated with taking medications, immunization, etc.

The procedure for Pharmacovigilance in Ukraine is carried out in accordance with the Order №898 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 12.27.2006 (as amended by the Оrder of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine of September 26, 2016 № 996)

If you became informed about adverse effects or lack of effectiveness as a result of taking medicines, and the supplier of it was "Ametrin FK" LLC, please inform us in a way that`s more suitable for you:
1. Fill out the online form.
2. By E-mail:
3. By phone: +38 (057) 714-06-03 (from 9.00 till 18.00)
4. By mail: 61050, Kharkov, St. Yuryevskaya, 17, "Ametrin FK" LLC,  For Department of Analytical Control.
5. If you are a medical / pharmaceutical specialist, please fill out Notification Card about an adverse reaction of the medicine, vaccine, tuberculin, and / or lack of effectiveness of the medicine, and / or an adverse effect after taking the medicine.

Send the completed notification card to the specified e-mail or mail. After receiving the message our employee will contact with you. By filling out a message form, you give permission to the processing, storage and transfer your personal data in order to track, analyze and report on product safety. All information that you provide to us is confidential and not subject to disclosure, except as otherwise provided by law.